Audi RS3 PPF – Detailed Full Wrap

Nardo Grey Audi RS3

The Audi Sport division has really stepped up their game, and the release of the RS3 proves just that.  400hp 5 cylinder that shoots the car to 60 in 3.5 seconds is really impressive.  No wonder many of our clients with RS3’s choose to have these protected with PPF.

Nardo Grey Audi RS3 with Black Ops package being washed with Chemical Guys products

Prior to any PPF being applied to the Audi RS3, a very thorough wash and decontamination is done on the vehicle.  The owner of this RS3 chose to go with a full body SunTek Ultra PPF wrap along with Ceramic Pro application.

Audi Sport Quattro badge on Audi RS3

The Chemical Guys foam cannon allows all the suds to seep into those hard to reach areas and help force the dirt from all the crevices out.

After the paint is 100% clean and decontaminated, the Audi RS3 is ready for the SunTek Ultra PPF to be applied.

Audi RS3 paint protection film installation of hood

The hood is being applied in bulk, this allows us to perfectly lay the PPF down and tuck all corners and edges.

Details are Everything!

PPF Corner close up

Close up of the PPF being tucked on the corners of the RS3 hood.

Audi RS3 Air vent close up XPEL Dap Software

Our cutouts for the Audi RS3 bumper are so precise that they cover every little detail.  See how the air vents are perfectly cut to provide a 100% perfect fit and finish.

Close up of PPF wrap on Audi RS3

Another close up of the lower air vent being wrapped.  Can’t even see the edges.


Audi Quattro RS3 SunTek Ultra PPF

The Audi RS3 bumper is very complex with many edges and curves.  This means that the proper way to install the bumper is in multiple pieces.  All of our templates are 1/16th of an inch accuracy, and if there is a need to have seams, they will lay in a corner or sharp body line, hiding them from view.

Audi RS3 Bumper paint protection film wrap

Nothing is overlooked

Audi RS3 PPF grill wrap

Even the Audi RS3 grill is wrapped.  The cutout fits perfectly around the QUATTRO badge, have a look how close the fitment is.

Wrap is done, now to protect the PPF

Nardo Grey RS3 Paint Protection Film wrap in SunTek Ultra
Audi RS3 front SunTek Wrap in PPF

The rest of the body of the RS3 was wrapped in SunTek Ultra PPF then coated with a layer of Ceramic Pro Light.  The Ceramic Pro will help keep the contaminants off the RS3’s PPF for years, making it a breeze to wash and shine like a new car for years.  The added benefit of having a full vehicle wrapped in SunTek Ultra PPF is the self healing technology, which allows swirls and imperfections to cure and disappear by themselves. 

Close-ups never lie

Audi RS3 Badge closeup
Audi RS3 logo close up of PPF

Close up of the trunk badges for the cut outs.  We will always ask clients if they would like the have the badges removed or left in place.  Choice is up to you on how you want the installation to be.

The Final Product

Nardo Grey RS3 with black roof wrap, suntek ultra ppf, and Ceramic Pro

Here is the final product, whole body was wrapped with SunTek Ultra PPF, coated with Ceramic Pro.  Note, we also wrapped the back half of the roof in Gloss Black vinyl.

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