The Grand Package

GrandSport Corvette + Hexis BodyFence PPF + Ceramic Pro

This owner knows what to do when he drives his red hot Corvette GrandSport off the dealership lot.. cruise directly to our shop.

Are red cars really faster?


Do red cars fade in the sun faster than other colours?


Clients trust our experience to protect their rides, and keep them looking new for years to come.

Chemical Guys Foam Gun

No More Swirl Marks…. EVER!

So, whats the best way to protect the car?  We replied, “Wrap it in PPF, coat it, then tint it!”  Right away, the owner of the GrandSport Vette chose to wrap it with Hexis BodyFence PPF.  Fading from the direct sunlight and swirl marks are enemies for red paint, however the film’s self-healing layer will make imperfections disappear.  The Hexis BodyFence has the latest in top coat technology, allowing for insane hydrophobic water beading and self-levelling.  So long as the top coat is not penetrated, all imperfections will heal with direct sun or heat exposure.

Red GrandSport Vette protected with Hexis BodyFence PPF

100% PPF Coverage

Hexis BodyFence PPF provides a 6.5mil thick shield to defend the paint.  Rocks chips, road debris, road salt and other foreign objects are what may come into your car at any given day, Hexis BodyFence will protect against all of that.  Our clients love the fact that it is backed by a 7 year warranty and installed by Hexis certified installers.  Find out more Hexis BodyFence PPF here…

Hexis BodyFence PPF with XPEL DAP software cutout

Ceramic Pro It!!!!!!

Upon completion of the BodyFence PPF wrap, we added even more protection.  The PPF was coated with Ceramic Pro Light.  The added protection makes cleaning contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap a breeze.  Not to mention the insane water beading and ease of cleaning of your vehicle in general.  Read more about it here…

Red Corvette GrandSport wrapped with hexis body fence ppf in toronto

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