Nismo GTR – The unicorn of the car world.

The Mighty Nismo GTR

The almighty Nismo GTR, the production car that has a lap time of 7.08.679 around the Nurburgring.  What a beast!  With extremely rare production numbers, this truly is a modern automotive Unicorn.  The owner of this gorgeous Nismo GTR wanted it protected with the best, XPEL Ultimate, and he has done lots of research as to who is going to wrap it.  Take a guess who he chose...  😉

Nismo GTR wrapped with XPEL clear bra to protect against rock chips and damages

Carbon Overload

The Nismo GTR has some obvious differences than the regular R35's,  the aerodynamics is one.  With the upgrades in the front splitters and rear wing, the Nismo GTR gets over 100kg more downforce at 187 mph than the standards GTR... just incase you ever really go that fast.  As a result, many of these aero pieces are made of costly carbon fibre.  XPEL Ultimate was used to protect the whole front end, rockers, roof, a-pillars, and rear bumper.  

XPEL protected Nismo R35


We are proud to say that we use XPEL DAP software for all of our templates.  Each of the cutouts have a fitment accuracy of 1/16th of an inch!!!  Plus we custom modify them to wrap all edges.  No need to take any blades to the vehicles paint at all!

A Pillar rock chip protection on Nismo Skyline

Baby got back.

The rear bumper, including the carbon diffuser, of the Nismo GTR was protected with XPEL Ultimate PPF.  What we love about XPEL clear bra, no yellowing!  XPEL comes with a 10 year warranty and our founder Norb Olejnik is XPEL Factory Trained.

Back bumper and carbon diffuser wrapped with XPEL PPF

A Job Well Done.

We loved working on this gorgeous Nismo GTR, and was difficult for us to walk away.  One last picture had to be taken.  Being up close and personal with vehicles, and wrapping every square inch of them, we get to see and understand the design of these types of vehicles.  The Nismo is INCREDIBLE.  The Japanese engineered got it perfect with this car, attention to detail is incredible, and everything serves a purpose.  The ultimate form and function built into a car.

Rear picture of 2017 Nismo GTR in Toronto

Did you know we are XPEL Factory Trained?

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