NA2 NSX – The Ultimate in Paint Protection Solutions


Does your car mean the world to you?  Don’t let it sit there in your garage, get out and drive it!  We’ll show you the ultimate in vehicle preservation.

Our friends from ABM Auto Centre dropped off this gorgeous Supercharged NA2 NSX for the ultimate in vehicle preservation.  This rare Yellow on Yellow Acura NSX was brought in for the ultimate in paint protection and preservation.

  • Full Vehicle Wrap with Hexis BodyFence PPF
  • Exterior, Interior, Engine and Wheels coated with CeramicPro
  • Windshield Protection Film
  • Windshield IR Film
  • Window Tint
  • Maintained with Chemical Guys Products

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Thorough Detailing

Prior to any paint protection work, every vehicle is very thoroughly detailed.  First of all, the staff at AP Shield ensure to be gentle enough not to swirl up your vehicles paint, while removing any road grime and dirt.  Therefore, we use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink car shampoo to clean the paint.  A key factor to any successful and clean PPF installation is ensuring a perfect and flawless clear coat, so no short cuts are taken.

AP Shield NSX with Hexis BodyFence and CeramicPro washed with Chemical Guys products

Surface Contamination Removal

Have you ever ran your hand over your vehicle after a car wash, and it still felt as if it was dirty?  Those little tiny bumps are contaminants that are embedded into the clear of your vehicles paint.  Hence, we use Chemical Guys CLY_401 clay bar to remove any physical surface contaminants prior to any PPF or Ceramic Pro installations.  The clay bar gently removes anything stuck on the paint, and leaves the finish smooth to the touch!  After the clay bar treatment, we use special chemicals that also remove contaminants such as industrial fall out, iron deposits, and even rail dust!  Therefore, these extra steps are taken to guarantee a 100% perfect surface.  Preparation is key!

NA2 NSX being detailed with Chemical Guys clay bar

Paint Protection Film Installation

Paint Protection Film is nothing new on the market.  However, in the recent advances in the manufacturing of the PPF, gone are the days of yellowing and cracking film.  At AP Shield, we are constantly testing new products on the market, and only carry the best of what we test, therefor we carry Hexis BodyFence.  Hexis is manufactured in Paris, France and has been dominating the European market for years already!  The film is optically clear, super hydrophobic, self-cleaning, and provides incredible protection for your vehicles paint.  Backed by a 10 year warranty, Hexis BodyFence PPF is a sure way to protect your vehicles paint.  PS…. Did we mention we are also Hexis Certified installers?  😉

SunTek, XPEL, 3M, Hexis PPF on NA2 Honda NXS

Ceramic Pro then coated EVERYTHING!

After the Hexis BodyFence Paint Protection Film was applied, we then had the full vehicle coated with Ceramic Pro.  Ceramic Pro bonds very well to PPF and adds a layer of chemical protection.  Benefits of coating your vehicle in Ceramic Pro include, ease of cleaning, truly unreal shine and gloss, and a super slick feel.  Bird droppings, bug guts and anything else that was a PITA to clean, is a breeze now.  The NSX has the full exterior, interior, engine bay, wheels and windows coated!!!  Don’t be fooled by other “comparable” products.  There is a reason why so many top tier detailers choose to use Ceramic Pro, including us!

Ceramic Pro coated Wheels

2017 Canadian International Auto Show

We are proud and pleased to say that we took part of the largest automotive show in Canada, the 2017 CIAS.  The crowds were never ending, our feet were sore at the end of every night, but all the reactions were the same…. no one could tell the vehicle was protected with PPF or Ceramic Pro.  The funny thing about being so great at what we do, is that it is hard to show it off… or is it?  A proper paint protection film wrap will make everyone question if anything has been done to the vehicle… and we are not shy to let people get close up and inspect.

Canadian International Auto Show AP Shield NSX

Ceramic Pro isn’t only for the exterior!

The supercharger sure sucked in the crowds on the NA2.  But to keep it looking top notch, everything was coated with Ceramic Pro.  The 9H hardness makes it a little more difficult to scratch and scuff up the polished engine components.

Dynamotorsports and ABM Autocentre built NSX at the Canadian International Auto Show

Quick Detailer + Carnauba!?  Yes, please.

With the huge amount of people walking by and touching the car (we did care but didn’t because the Hexis BodyFence PPF is self-healing), we had to wipe off those fingerprints and dust somehow.  Our weapon of choice is Chemical Guys P40 Detailer with Carnauba.  This is the perfect spray to use to keep your ride looking clean, even if thousands of people kept touching it.

Chemical Guys P40 Detailer with carnauba

Thats the complete package.

What we unfortunately did not take pictures of was the installation of the Windshield Protection Film and IR Film.  The exterior Windshield Protection Film helps prevent those nasty rock chips and pitting on your glass.  The interior film is optically clear, and provides the ultimate in UV and Heat rejection!!!!  Imagine being stuck in traffic on that hot summer day, and you don’t feel the suns heat on your skin.  Protect your occupants and protect those valuable interior fabrics from sun damage.

Hexis BodyFence PPF wrapped NSX-R with Gruppe-M Supercharger

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