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SunTek PPF + Ford Focus RS

Bath Time

As with any Paint Protection Film installation, the first step is giving the car a solid wash and decontamination.  We use the Chemical Guys Torq Professional Foam Cannon, the thick snow foam helps remove dirt from even the smallest cracks and crevices, and is the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and maintain a flawless finish at every car wash.  After the vehicle is gently and properly washed, we continue onto our decontamination process prior to the SunTek PPF installation.


Honeydew snow foam used on black focus RS car wash

100% SunTek PPF Coverage

After every panel of the Ford Focus RS has been cleaned, decontaminated and inspected, our install then begins with the SunTek PPF.  Did you know, that SunTek PPF has a self-healing top coat?  This means that any surface scratches that may occur will simply go away when exposed to direct sunlight!  In conclusion, what does that mean for a black car…. NO MORE SWIRLS on your paint.  EVER.

Door wrap of Focus RS in Toronto with SunTek

We Got You Covered

The ultimate way to protect your vehicle from any stone chips or other mishaps is to have it wrapped in paint protection film.  In the image below, you can see the SunTek PPF being applied to the rear quarter of the Focus RS, then it will be custom trimmed and wrapped around the edges.

quarter panel wrap of Ford RS with paint protection film

The small details make all the difference.

On the Focus RS, we made sure that it truly received a full body wrap with SunTek PPF.  Some of the most overlooked areas of the vehicle can be the most prone to paint damage.  Take, for instance, the door handle.  The most commonly touched part of the car is something that is seldom protected, we go that extra mile!

PPF door handle wrap on Ford in Toronto

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