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With incredible advancements in vinyl and adhesive wrap technology, vinyl wrapping is the perfect way to protect your factory paint while changing the overall appearance and adding a unique personality of your prized vehicle.  AP Shield’s certified vinyl installers are ready to custom tailor your ride with a unique look.

Pick your style

Gloss Wrap

Looks like paint, shines like paint, but its totally reversible.  Gloss vinyl wrap is a great way to change the look of your vehicle and retain the factory finish of paint.

Matte Wrap

Hate the shine?  Matte vinyl wrap is the way to go.  Give your vehicle the ultimate stealth like treatment and choose from dozens of matte colours available.

Satin Wrap

Not quite glossy, not quite matte, just somewhere in between.  A satin vinyl wrap gives an eggshell finish and brings out the definition of the bodylines of your vehicle.  The subtle twist on the wraps finish has made it a very popular choice for all clients.

Chrome Wrap

Mirror mirror, on the… car!?  A chrome vinyl wrap will glisten, sparkle, and shine bright like a diamond.  Be seen and truly stand out from the herd.

Brushed Wrap

Go raw!  The brushed vinyl wrap is a exceptionally unique finish, giving your vehicle the look of brushed metal.  Many finishes are available in many colours.  Ideal to wrap interior or exterior trim or even the full vehicle.

What are you going to Vinyl Wrap?

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Keep your vinyl looking new!

Chemical Guys detailing products are engineered to prolong the life of your vinyl wrap.  Specifically designed for matte and gloss vinyl.