SunTek Ultra PPF is finally in Toronto

SunTek Ultra PPF + AP Shield

SunTek has finally released the highly anticipated SunTek Ultra PPF, and all we have to say is, “WOW”!

Clarity | Protection | Gloss 

San Marino Blue BMW M3 wrapped in SunTek Ultra PPF at AP Shield

2017 San Marino Blue BMW M3 – SunTek Ultra PPF – Package 3

Clarity and Gloss

SunTek PPF-C was hands down, the clearest film we have seen on the market. The new SunTek Ultra PPF doesn’t disappoint at all!  Our clients have always searched for the best invisible protection for their vehicles, and we are proud to say we now offer SunTek Ultra PPF.  With clarity also comes high gloss, the finish of the film adds depth along with incredible shine that will make any paint POP!

2017 Corvette Z06 wrapped bumper to bumper

2017 Corvette Z06 wrapped bumper to bumper with SunTek Ultra PPF. Even in the low lighting conditions, you can’t hide the gloss of the film.

So whats so different?

The big change in the films characteristics is due to the new top-coat of the Ultra PPF.  The clarity remains the exact same, however the new advancements of the top coat.  Changes made led to more gloss than ever, along with a super hydrophobic layer.  Bugs, water spots, and bird bombs are washed off much easier with less etching.

SunTek Ultra PPF close up of blue BMW San Marino Blue

Close up of the optional machine cut template kit of film installed.

See it in person

We are pleased to announce we now offer SunTek Ultra PPF to our clients, feel free to come by our shop and see the difference in person.

SunTek Ultra Specs

Please note – film adhesive thickness is 1.5 mil (not mentioned in above illustration)