Tesla PPF Experts

Welcome to Electric Avenue

We've had the pleasure of meeting dozens of Tesla owners, and we found one thing in common... They all LOVE their cars.  Tesla owners must be one of the most down to earth and passionate individuals!  No wonder we protect so many of them.  There is defiantly something satisfying about working on a vehicle owned by a passionate individual.

SunTek PPF Ultra wrapped Black Tesla Model X P90D

No Swirl Mark..... EVER!!!!

This Tesla arrived at our shop earlier in the year for a full SunTek PPF Ultra Paint Protection Film Wrap.  Every panel on the exterior, along with the seat backs, and centre console have been wrapped to protect the delicate black paint from those awful swirl marks.  How you ask?  All the PPF products that we carry are equipped with a self-healing top coat, so any surface scratches will heal with direct sunlight exposure, or by pouring warm water over the damaged areas.  

XPEL and Ceramic Pro protected White Model X p90D

Ontario Tesla Owners Approved!

Many of our clients belong to the Ontario Tesla Owners Club, and we are pleased to protect their investments.  This beautiful White on White Tesla Model X received extensive XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, including the full hood, full front fenders, front bumper, headlights, fog lights, a-pillars, seat backs and side view mirrors.  After the XPEL was installed (Did you know we are XPEL Factory Trained Installers?) we had the gorgeous white paint corrected, then coated with the Ceramic Pro Gold Package.  This will make the exterior a breeze to clean!  The gorgeous white interior was then coated with Ceramic Pro, this will keep the white leather seats... white!  Don't be afraid to wear those jeans anymore inside your car.  Read more about Ceramic Pro here...

Back Seat Protection for Tesla Model X

We Got Your Back!!!

Who says Paint Protection Film is only for the exterior?  Tesla Owners know just how great those floating bucket seats look like.  That Piano Black finish of the back of the seats must be one of my favourite attributes of the cars.... but just imagine how horrible it would look like when they get damaged.  The fix?  Paint Protection Film. We have template designs ready to cut out for the Model X seat backs.  This provides a perfect fit and finish, without even using a blade.

XPEL Ultimate PPF for Ontario Tesla Owners Club member

The First Tesla Model X in Ontario

This was the first delivered Tesla Model X in Ontario, and sure enough it founds its way into our shop.  The Model X was wrapped from bumper to bumper in SunTek PPF-C, along with the seat backs on the interior.  Take a look at the picture, the rear door is not wrapped, and looking at the rear 1/4 panel, there is absolutely no difference!!!  

Silver Tesla Model X in Toronto full PPF wrap with XPEL Ultimate

Another One!

Silver Tesla Model X was wrapped in XPEL Ultimate PPF.  Why do we love using XPEL?  Simple.... its features.  Made in the USA, 8.5 mil thick, optically clear, and a superior Self-Healing top coat.  All this equates to the "Ultimate" in paint protection.  After the full body wrap, we coated the film with Ceramic Pro Light.

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