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SunTek PPF Protected RWB Porsche

RWB Porsche: Yabai

If you’re on Social Media and follow any of the popular pages, such as our friends @carswithoutlimits, odds are you have come across a RWB Porsche at some point.  The unique and unmistakable ultra wide fenders and body kit make this 964 Cabrio a crowd magnet anywhere it goes, and was it ever an opportunity to work on one.  What makes these Porsches so special, is that they are all built by one person, Nakai-San, from Japan.  We were fortunate enough to protect one of his matserpieces here in Canada.

Now, this isn’t any ordinary Porsche 964, this is one of the finest built cars we have ever come across (and we’ve seen some pretty radical builds). The owner, Jeff, has made sure that every single detail was not overlooked. From the fully built 550+whp motor, to the custom hand-made interior and not to mention the many variations of suspension and tire setups, he really went above and beyond this build. You can see the passion pour out of him when he talks about his car. So it was a no-brainer that he wanted the high impact area’s protected with SunTek Ultra, simply because he wants to drive this thing as much as he can!

Upon arrival, the RWB had its own paint chip protection installed – lol.  Great job Jeff on the perfect tape line up.  Looks like we don’t have to do anything at all!  ?

Now, some may argue that taping up the car with painters tape provides absolutely nothing, and looks ugly, and blah blah blah.  We love the idea of this.  Remember, our job is


Now since the Porsche was wetstanded and polished to perfection, the drive from Kitchener to Markham isn’t just down the road.  As the freshly polished paint did not have any waxes or sealants, our biggest fear was bugs.  We hate bugs.  If the clear coat is exposed and doesn’t have any protectants on it, bug guts would high a VERY HIGH chance of damaging the clear by etching into the clear.  This would require more polishing, clay barring, and maybe even more hours of cleaning.  The tape obviously prevents this, and as we removed the blue tape, it was evident just how many bugs came in contact with the RWB.  As other areas of the car were not protected, removing the bugs proved to be a pain….  We also found an area of tape that was torn by a rock chip, as we removed the tape, the paint was undamaged.  Again, this goes to prove that putting some tape on the front end of your car does work to a certain extent for rock chip damage.

Jeff has chosen to go with some very extensive coverage on the RWB for obvious reasons.

Emblem removed for the full hood wrap.

Front original fenders wrapped – note the headlight is removed so film can be tucked under the seal for invisible installation.

Front & Rear over fenders wrapped.  All bolts removed along with washers for a clean and unnoticeable installation for the very curvy panel.  Note – installed in one piece with no relief cuts of seams.

Front Bumper wrap was tricky as the canards were unable to be removed since they have been urethaned in place. The marker lights and vent was removed to tuck film cleanly.

SunTek Ultra is being tucked neatly under all mouldings for a clean install.

Rocker panels are being wrapped to protect from the rocks being slung by the sticky Toyo rubber.

Details are everything. Nakai-San adds a nice touch along the lower bumper, we trimmed out the painted area. You simply cannot tell any PPF is on the car, check the progess.

All wheel wells and high impact areas are protected. No shortcuts here.

Bolt is going back on the wrapped panel. If you look very closely you can see the PPF on the fender. Less than 1/16th of an inch gap. Perfect.

And there we have it. An RWB Porsche protected with SunTek Ultra PPF. What an amazing machine and a pleasure to work on. Now the owner can tear up the pavement without fear of peppering the car with rock chips.

One last shot of the RWB’s interior signed by none other… Nakai- San.

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